Kimchi with eggs is always a good situation. In fact it’s one of my favourite ways of eating it, and I’ve tried it every which way. I gotta say rolling it up in an omelette is fun, looks impressive and is super easy – with a bit of practice 🙂

Great for breakfast, brunch, lunchboxes or as a healthy fridge snack!

Our turmeric kimchi works perfect here as it’s not too chunky which makes it easy to roll up.


4 eggs
1/2 cup of our Turmeric Kimchi
Spring onions
Salt & pepper
Olive oil or butter

Optional extras:


Whisk your eggs up in a bowl with some salt and pepper. You can add a little milk to make it runnier but not necessary.

Stir in some some chopped spring onion.

Heat up your fry pan on low to medium heat and add some olive oil or butter.

Pour in a thin layer of egg. When it’s nearly cooked through add a row of kimchi slightly off center. Roll the edge of your omelette over the kimchi and keep rolling until you have a log shape.

Slide your egg roll to one side of the pan and pour in another layer of egg. Once cooked roll again and repeat the process until you’ve run out of egg mix.

Let it cool to firm up, or if you’re ravenous bog in straight away, I respect that too.